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This enlistment card was sent to the donor's grandmother, J. B. Bishop, notifying her that her son, Carl S. Bishop, had joined the US Army in 1937. The donor obtained the card from her grandmother's estate. This record includes an image of the…

A patent issued in 1879 to John W. Barnett for an improvement in curing leaf tobacco.
USPTO certified on January 7, 1879; patented on January 7, 1882.
Includes postmarked envelope.
Digitized on April 23, 2016
This record includes an image of the postmarked envelope in which the letter arrived.

Digitized on April 23, 2016

Record includes 5 images of the album cover, taken at varying angles

Topographic map of the state of Virginia in 1822. Includes land in West Virginia, which was part of Virginia prior to its annexation.

Prepared by C. Crozet, late Principal Engineer of Virginia under a resolution of the General Assembly, adopted March 15th, 1818.
Digitized on April 23, 2016

Record includes 5 images of the crock, taken at varying angles

Record includes 5 images of the rocking chair, taken at varying angles

Record includes an image of back of the photograph
Document showing that land in Elliston, VA was granted to Samuel Barnett by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia on January 1, 1861.
Survey shows parcels owned by John Will Barnett and William Ellis, prominent families in Elliston, VA.

Digitized on April 23, 2016

Page from a spiral bound scrapbook made by Robertine Hughes Jordan in 1941-43. Includes information from her senior year at Christiansburg High School and her marriage to a World War II serviceman.

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Scrapbook page containing a telegram from Kenneth M. Frost and newspaper clippings about servicemen from Montgomery County, VA during World War II. The clipping is contained in one of two scrapbooks with information about the World War II period in…
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