Old photographs, letters, diaries, books, family quilts, knickknacks, and children’s toys passed down through generations may seem like everyday objects packed away in attics or basements. In truth, such items are historical artifacts not only of the families they come from, but also of the communities they represent.

The Montgomery County Memory Project: People, Places, and Things of Montgomery County, Virginia seeks to uncover, digitize, preserve, and put online these local treasures resting in corners of family homes.

Four events taking place in April and August 2016 will educate the citizens of Montgomery County, VA about the identification and preservation of regionally important artifacts, documents, manuscripts, and photographs while also digitizing such material so that it is more widely available now and for years to come. Participants will learn more about their region and can obtain preservation-quality digital images of up to three documents or objects from their own family history. Digital items will be displayed, interpreted, and preserved on this website.

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