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The program of "Juvenile Entertainment" presented at Montgomery Female College for 5 June 1886 lists the performers and performances.

Contains a lists courses of study, names of graduates, etc. for 1883-1884. The Montgomery Female College was founded in 1852. It was first located on South Franklin Street, Christiansburg and relocated to a building on College Street (the site of the…

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Black and white photograph of a parade of men in Army and Navy uniforms taken in fall 1946 in downtown Christiansburg; Bank of Christiansburg in background.

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Scrapbook page containing a telegram from Kenneth M. Frost and newspaper clippings about servicemen from Montgomery County, VA during World War II. The clipping is contained in one of two scrapbooks with information about the World War II period in…

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Newspaper clipping of commission announcement for Hazel L. Caldwell of Christiansburg, VA. She was an ensign in the U.S. Navy Reserves and was assigned to the Bureau of Navy Personnel in Washington, D. C. during World War II. The clipping is…

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Newspaper clipping of obituary for Clarion Reed of Christiansburg, VA. He was killed in Germany during World War II. The clipping is contained in one of two scrapbooks with information about the World War II period in Christiansburg and Montgomery…

Photograph of Jack Graybeal of Christiansburg, VA wearing his Air Force flight suit overalls with leather helmet and googles standing next to an automobile while in service during World War II.

Black and White photograph of Mary Ruth Anderson Cruce of Christiansburg (Va.) in her World War II Navy Nurse Corps uniform. She served above the USS Samaritan in the Pacific and witnessed action at the Battles of Saipan, Iwo Jima, and Okinawa

Greeting card given to Robertine Hughes Jordan on the occasion of her graduation from Christiansburg High School in 1943. Found in the spiral bound scrapbook made by Mrs. Jordan.

Page from a spiral bound scrapbook made by Robertine Hughes Jordan in 1941-43. Includes information from her senior year at Christiansburg High School and her marriage to a World War II serviceman.
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